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Denture Services

Do you have damaged teeth, gum disease, loose partial dentures or failing crowns and bridges? Are you afraid to smile?

Visit Springdale Family Dental Care to avail our denture services and regain your confidence to smile brilliantly.

Dentures are worn to replace the lost or missing teeth so that one can have a brighter smile and a more youthful appearance. They are made of either metal or acrylic (plastic). The Springdale Family Dental Clinic provides customized dentures depending on the needs and comfort of the individuals. Our affordable dental care includes different denture services like:

Complete Dentures

The loss of the natural teeth affects the daily activities like eating, talking and laughing. But, with our complete dentures, we can make your sagging facial muscles appear tighter and your scrawny features look plumper.

Implant retained dentures

Say goodbye to sore spots, denture adhesive, and awkward moments with implant retained dentures. The dental implants are small titanium screws that hold the dentures firmly. They act as a replacement for the root portions of the missing teeth to give a natural look to the teeth.

Partial dentures

Even a single missing tooth can affect your remaining teeth and oral health. Partial dentures can be a great solution to retain the few existing teeth. At Springdale Family Dental Care Clinic we create partial dentures that match perfectly with the remaining teeth.

Immediate dentures

Before extracting the natural teeth, immediate dentures are made so that you can wear them on the same day as your treatment. We work closely to ensure that your immediate denture can be inserted immediately after the treatment.

Copy dentures

They are the replica of your existing dentures with the benefit of adding new natural looking teeth while improving the fit of the denture.

Denture repairs

Denture repairs include repairing chipped teeth or fractured dentures, and replacing missing teeth to give a new look to them.

Denture relines

With the passage of time, the shape of the mouth and gums change naturally resulting in uncomfortable and non-fitting denture. Denture relines is a great solution to get the best fit and feel.

Smile brightly and improve the quality of your life with the reliable denture services of our dental clinic!