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What are dental crowns, inlays and onlays?

When a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay or trauma and cannot be restored by a normal filling; a crown , inlay or a onlay is placed. These are fabricated outside the mouth in a laboratory and cemented on the tooth surface . The procedure involves preparing the tooth by removing a thin layer of tooth surface, taking an impression and sending it to the laboratory for the restoration to be fabricated.

This is one of the best options to replace a missing tooth without actually removing it completely. The dental crown completely covers the damaged tooth and is cemented in a way to offer a strong ,good-looking, restoration of tooth which will prevent the tooth from further fracture or damage.

The professionals at Springdale family dental clinic will assist and explain to you the best treatment available to you so that you can make a informed decision.

What are dental bridges?

Having a wide gap or missing tooth in between your teeth can create problems while eating and talking. With time the adjacent teeth might start to shift and tilt towards the empty space that could affect other teeth as well. Dental bridges can be a better alternative to partial dentures as they are permanent. Dental bridges work just like normal bridges as they fill the gap between the teeth. The bridges are cemented on the tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. Here, adjacent teeth are acknowledged as abutments and act like anchors to stabilize a bridge.

The crowns and bridges are crafted out of ceramic or porcelain fused with metal. The professionals at Springdale Family Dental Clinic, will help yelp you in getting the best affordable replacement for you missing teeth.